Telecine project – part 5 – first 3D printed parts

Holder and the Cree XM-L LED

My wonderful wife bought me a Monoprice Select 3D Printer V2, so I was able to get a few parts made! The LED holder turned out pretty well (on the third try).

I haven’t been able to try the LED yet, because I still need to figure out the driver/relay circuits. I am also realizing that I will probably need a heat sink on this sucker.

I was hoping the get the camera mounted and get a few images, but I didn’t make it that far. I did get my “mark one” bracket made, the camera attached, and mounted on the projector. However, I measured badly and the lens was too close to the film plane for it to focus.

One of the drawbacks to the mark one bracket is that it doesn’t allow for distance adjustment. I am working on a design for a “mark two” bracket that will mount directly to the metal plate, support the lens better, and perhaps allow for distance adjustment.

Camera/lens bracket, mark two

I’m also in need of a decent power supply for the Raspberry Pi and camera. The cheap one I’m using right now causes horrendous banding in the image — something that Joe had mentioned in his blog, or I’d be very puzzled about it. If I find a good quality supply, I may try powering it through the GPIO pins.

(3D printing is fun!)