Telecine project – part 6 – bracket mark 3

Arducam and lens bolted onto bracket

I got a good print of my mark 3 bracket (I skipped mark 2), and the camera bolted¬†¬†on nicely. Part of the lens support snapped off — too thin. The lens support caused other problems as well — it blocks the screwdriver from reaching one of the screw heads; and it also gets in the way of the focus ring on the camera. More on that later.

Removing old lamp bracket

I removed the old lamp bracket from the projector.

Holding it in place for the first time

I then held the camera and lens in place for the first time. Sadly, I miscalculated the distance from the base to the camera, so the lens is not centered on the film plane. In addition, the bracket is too tall and does not allow enough movement on the metal plate of the projector. There is sort of a “well” on this plate where the bracket needs to fit, and it bumps in the edges of the well, not allowing enough room to get the camera into proper position.

In part 7 I’m going to rework the bracket design again, to:

  • Remove the lens support. This was premature optimization.
  • Shrink the bracket vertically so it will allow more room for movement on the metal plate.
  • Fix the distance from the base.