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Telecine project – part 10 – troubleshooting

As I mentioned in part 9, I completed the main circuit board and began testing. I’m having two issues:  (1) once it begins turning, the stepper motor won’t stop; and (2) the lamp LED turns on won’t turn off.

Stepper motor

Here is the sequence of steps.

I clicked the Forward button.

The server indicates that it has started the motor running forward, and the motor does indeed start running.

If I click Reverse, the motor reverses and continues running.

When I click Stop, however …

A blank line appears on the server log, and the server becomes non-responsive. The motor continues to run, and the server will not respond to any further commands from the client.

At this point I have to manually shut down the server app.

Lamp LED

The relay is connected to pin #2 on the Raspberry Pi, which is always high, no matter what the server software says. I’m not sure what is going on with this. It’s also possible I have something wired improperly.

Telecine project – part 7 – first capture!

I redesigned and simplified and camera bracket, then drilled holes in the projector plate and bolted everything together.

One thing I noticed immediately is that the glass between the camera and the film was dirty and scratched. As far as I can tell, I don’t actually need it — it was there to protect the film from the (very bright and hot) lamp and the spinning shutter. So I removed it entirely. Continue reading Telecine project – part 7 – first capture!

Telecine project – part 6 – bracket mark 3

Arducam and lens bolted onto bracket

I got a good print of my mark 3 bracket (I skipped mark 2), and the camera bolted  on nicely. Part of the lens support snapped off — too thin. The lens support caused other problems as well — it blocks the screwdriver from reaching one of the screw heads; and it also gets in the way of the focus ring on the camera. More on that later. Continue reading Telecine project – part 6 – bracket mark 3

Telecine project – part 5 – first 3D printed parts

Holder and the Cree XM-L LED

My wonderful wife bought me a Monoprice Select 3D Printer V2, so I was able to get a few parts made! The LED holder turned out pretty well (on the third try).

I haven’t been able to try the LED yet, because I still need to figure out the driver/relay circuits. I am also realizing that I will probably need a heat sink on this sucker. Continue reading Telecine project – part 5 – first 3D printed parts