Telecine project – part 2 – camera and light

Front of projector showing where components will be mounted

There are two subsystems on the “front” of the camera — the camera and the light source.


Arducam and lens

My plan is to mount the RPi (Arducam) camera where the lamp would normally be located. This allows for better mounting locations and more room for the components.

Camera bracket (mark one).

Currently I am planning to 3D print a bracket that attaches to the original lamp bracket. This seemed like a good idea since the original bracket is nicely adjustable.

However, I am concerned that there are too many parts involved and it won’t be stable enough to hold focus consistently. I may remove the old bracket and fabricate a new one that attaches directly to the metal plate behind it.

Light source

Opening of lens barrel and LED

The barrel that held the original projector lens is approximately 25 mm inner diameter. It just so happens that a super-bright Cree XM-L LED  is 20 mm across.

Design for 3D printed LED/diffuser holder.

I am planning to 3D print a part that will hold both the LED and a diffuser. The holder will then slide into the barrel. (In theory.)