Telecine project – part 10 – troubleshooting

As I mentioned in part 9, I completed the main circuit board and began testing. I’m having two issues:  (1) once it begins turning, the stepper motor won’t stop; and (2) the lamp LED turns on won’t turn off.

Stepper motor

Here is the sequence of steps.

I clicked the Forward button.

The server indicates that it has started the motor running forward, and the motor does indeed start running.

If I click Reverse, the motor reverses and continues running.

When I click Stop, however …

A blank line appears on the server log, and the server becomes non-responsive. The motor continues to run, and the server will not respond to any further commands from the client.

At this point I have to manually shut down the server app.

Lamp LED

The relay is connected to pin #2 on the Raspberry Pi, which is always high, no matter what the server software says. I’m not sure what is going on with this. It’s also possible I have something wired improperly.