Telecine project – part 11 – power and Ethernet

I haven’t figured out the motor control issues yet, but decided to take a break and 3D print some parts for another part of the project.

I have a large storage bin full of power supplies from various dead/retired electronic devices. In a stroke of good fortune, I discovered that one was a dual 5V/12V supply, with plenty of power. I yanked the jack out of the obsolete device, then wired it up for the 12V supply (for the motor and lamp LED).

I also purchased some USB Type B micro male connectors and soldered the 5V wires to make a plug that would power the Raspberry Pi.

The Bolex projector has two opening where the power cables used to run. I designed 3D parts to “plug” the openings and allow the power and Ethernet to pass through. (And be nice looking.)

After a few tries, I produced parts that would fit the holes well, and also allow the power supply jack to be held in place.

I have some Ethernet couplers on the way for the other hole.  I’m a little concerned they are too large to fit, though. Some disassembly or reworking might be necessary. We shall see.